Towel Washing Instructions

Wash with like colors as our prints are vibrant and bold!

For best results wash in cold water and hang or tumble dry.

Detergents and softners are ok to use.

We recommend washing before first use as bright colors may bleed

Enhancing everyday products

We aren't looking to change the world but we are hoping to enhance it. Our focus isn't just on selling everyday products but rather enhancing everyday products in a way that enhances our lives and yours. 

Easy to do business with

We make it simple to work with us-you order the product and we will ship it to you-FREE. If you decide you don't want it, just send it back and we will make it right-whether thats a refund or a different style. You decide and we make it happen. 

Good for the environment

In every decision we make we do our best to minimize our impact-and ultimately your impact to the environment.  We find sustainable solutions, recycled materials, and make as many eco friendly choices we can.  We focus on caring for our environment so you can focus on enjoying it.


Designs that make you smile

Whether it's our colors and patterns or an extra detail to a product you already love; our goal is to bring smiles to peoples faces.  If we don't beam the first time we create a design or product-we go back to the drawing board.  Our goal is for you to smile when you first open one of our products and keep smiling every time you use our products.