The Playa Grande

The Playa Grande

Have you been to Costa Rica? Let me set the stage for you. Wide open sandy beaches, warm salty ocean, chatty monkeys playing in the trees, and the happiest people we have ever met! Playa Grande is a serene beach in the province of Guanacaste and is the birthplace of the whole ONDA dream!

We went as a party of 11 people, including 7 kiddos, so we needed everything to run smoothly and it sure did! To start off, we booked lodging at the Playa Grande Surf Camp. Normally, there would be some hesitation to take the kids to a hostel to stay, but we had one family member who knew the place and set up, and we can all say it is PERFECT for a family adventure!  Because we had a big party we booked the upper bunk room as well as the lower apartment, so we did have 1 private bathroom in the apartment. We flew into Guanacaste Liberia (LIR) and the Playa Grande coordinate our shuttle which even made a quick stop at the local grocery store for some cases of water and snacks. The onsite restaurant, Cafe Mar Azul, is owned by Victor and Dawn, who may feel like the family you didn't know you had living in Costa Rica! Do not hesitate to try the jalapeño steak or the banana bread! Don't let the iguanas intimidate you, they just stop by for a snack as well!

 The Playa Grande Surf Camp is about a 3 minute walk to the beach, even with 7 kids in tow! We scheduled surf lessons with the best coach and favorite tour guide, Vidier! He had all of the kids standing up on the first day and feeling like pros by the last!  He also took us on an outing to try to find turtles laying their eggs, but unfortunately February is the end of the season. Not all bad news though because we caught a gorgeous sunset.  

Another outing was to the Black Stallion Zipline. We soared through the trees trying to find monkeys with Black Stallion and found them at the bottom of the mountain when we came back to the camp!  The staff was fun and friendly! We loved taking pictures and videos of all our brave souls trying something new and adventurous!

If you are feeling extra ambitious, Tamadive Scuba is located about an hour north of Playa Grande. If you need transport, the staff at the Surf Camp are very willing to help! We highly recommend taking the opportunity to see all the life that is under the sea!  We found an octopus, starfish of every color, and even an amazing group of not too terrifying sharks just wanting to take a nap! You do not have to be certified and the instructors are fantastic!

We quickly learned that "Pura Vida" is the answer to all of life's questions!  The atmosphere and energy of Costa Rica is something we wish we could bottle and give to the whole world!  So much joy and peace on just one beach! 

We also learned the great lesson of less is more- less possessions, less scheduling, and less work all equaled out to more relationship building and memories!

Our beach towels also incorporate the "less is more" mentality in that they are creating less waste for our planet by being made of 100% recycled material.  They are taking up less space and creating more room for the things that matter to your adventure. Less dirt and bacteria stick to them because they are sand-resistant, quick drying, and antimicrobial.  We think this meets our high expectations just like our amazing trip to Playa Grande! 

Please share all your favorite things to do and see in Costa Rica (or what you plan to do and see when you finally get to plan that trip)!

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