Meet the ONDA Family

Meet the ONDA Family

Welcome!  Come meet the Onda Family!  Too soon?  Well we are not too good at playing it cool... and we are so excited to have you here!  

Let's start with a quick intro as to who we are- We are ONDA!  Onda translates to "wave" in English and we are big fans of the water.  Water is our connecting force!  It is essential for life, gives balance to the earth, and gives us a planet full of growth, diversity, and beauty! 

We are a group of friends and family who come from all over and who love to travel all over!  We want to share our vision of ONDA with you through our travels and adventures.

That brings us to our inspiration!  We were out chasing the waves and beauty in Costa Rica and realized we needed something better than the average beach or home towel for our adventures!  We needed a towel that was absorbent for drying off multiple kids multiple times a day.  We needed a towel that was compact to save sacred space in our limited luggage.  We needed a towel that would dry quickly and fight off bacteria because we were in a humid climate and did not have many opportunities to wash it during our trip.  We really wanted this towel to also be good for our beautiful planet!

After a little research, a few emails, and a fun collaboration of brilliant minds we found our ONDA!  Our towel hits all the marks, including being made of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic!  You are going to love it!

Please check in any time to find out what we are up to and where we plan to go next!  We would love to hear about your favorite adventures and your best tips and tricks for traveling too!  So, please, let us know where you are from and where you love to go!

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